Walter K. Parker II

The Old School Plumber

           Due to the high call volume I am prioritizing customers that have purchased items at my shop . All 

At  Old School Plumbing We have a 4500 sq. ft  working antique plumbing shop.  Over the past 15 years I have been buying old plumbing parts so I can assist homeowners in fixing what I think is the biggest drawback  to most restorations. The bathrooms we create together,  will put an end to the apologies that are made for bathrooms. Who hasn't said,  "Well,  we have to have good working bathrooms!"  When you go into a house that hasn't had them removed you hear, "They have worked for a hundred years why not another hundred?". So it is time to fix  that problem.




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                                 This is a preview of my new 500 sq. ft. showroom
                                              I have a lot of not seen stock here!!

The hardware on the end of this tub was built from parts and pieces. The noteworthy  things to see are the check valves made to meet code and 

  the valve to make it a hand-held shower. I also extended the stems to make the height right on the handles. These valves are fuller stop valves the

   patent  came out in the 1850's I have good success with these!


  Ma. and RI.    

  Master Plumber  


  Local 4 Plumbers and pipefitters



My shop the "West Dudley School" One room school house C-1870. It  has been restored complete with blackboards, antique lighting and, appropriate bathroom fixtures.

I use all repurposed lumber for my bins and displays. The shop is heated by a salvaged geothermal unit in the attic.The only new things are energy efficient light bulbs.

      Dyan in front of our booth

  An old boiler room still working