Walter K. Parker II

The Old School Plumber

       Art Switchenko's Hopedale Ma restoration vision

             I want to thank Art for letting me be a part of his vision

       Parts and pieces are hard to find but if I keep them

       available to installation customers, I will have them to

       do your project as I had them for Art's.

       The kitchen entrance framed by JL Mott urns  more Mott Plumbing throughout the house!

      A marble shower stall I found in NJ. It is paired  with a 1908 ribcage shower.

                                                  ;note the rare door

                  early  shower mixer speakman the first presure balance valve 1938 paired with ribcage shower
                                                               A complete JL Mott console sink with Mott faucets.
                                                                           An 1887 patent 'SanitaS' trap Boston Ma.
                                      I replated early shutoffs ,the pull-up drain plugs  are all different because of patents.
                                                                                A JL Mott toilet with rear vent.

                                                                    A Jl Mott toilet with a unusual 4 bolt closet flange.

                                                        I found this toilet from the people who own Coney Island Hot Dogs

                                                                                                  dirty towel basket
                                                             I found and installed this shower 80' by 42'     80'tall
                                                       Hajoca shower valve with u shaped body spray 1918
                                             I found this shower but Art built aroom around look at the tile!
                                                                                   seat on original brass brackets
                                                                  Its not a marble shower without a one piece floor
                                                           two mott sinks with all brasscrafters accessories
                                                                                       check out the under sink plumbing
                                                                                           Brasscrafters mirrors
                                                                                 "Standard" bidet found in Paris
                                                                        built this faucet from two lavatory  faucets
                                                                                        brasscrafters dirty towel baskets

                                                                    great milkglass towel bars with ball ends

                                                                                       biggest double towel rod ever

the tub  valve and the shower mixer are Kohler so I found a Kohler sink and center spout faucet in my inventory to

 replace a rusty sink with a set of basin cocks

 Arts toilet  just needed  to be rebuilt I did it while he redid his tile. Art saved the basket  weave tile floor, he did great subway tile walls. The black seat is new old stock from my inventory.

                                                                            Original Kohler  Bi-transit waste hardware
                                                                                      two handle shower  faucets
                              3rd floor bathtub JL Mott 5.5 ft with eartenware feet old mott hardware froom my shop
                                                                                        I love this look !!
                                                         we repurposed this sink it was in the corner of a bedroom
                                                                     1878 patent  Peck Bros. faucet  fuller stop style
                                                                                 another cool trap from inventory
                                  early toilets had seats that atached to the wall no holes in the toilet for a seat

                                                                                              Mott tank and brackets

                                                                                    Art  found this rare Walnut double vanity
                                                                               note the English faux marble sink bowl
                                         These faucets are hard to repair they were made for gravity water no presure

           I had to connect the overflow to the drain it would have been done with lead while I could do it

           in lead  why waste the look  in a vanity

              Rebuilding a JL Mott fountain the center pipe was rusted out and the water pipe was disconnected
                                                                                       coy pond before restoration
                                                                                                it was a lot of work
                                                                                     JL Mott fountains tag its bronze