Walter K. Parker II

Old School Plumbing

 When getting ready for jobs finding the right pieces is key.

 Now in the workshop below I can find the attaching parts,

 we need for the right look for your project!

              As you can see in the following photos, cabinets and bins make me get organized.
                     I set up all the items on this bench for a high school plumbing class to look at!

                             The old brass fittings and pipe nipples I use to make my jobs look like they have

                                             been in for a hundred years, this where the magic starts.

                                            Here I keep my faucet  handles and my metal recycling cans.

              Some of my best traps kept here, this bin set cam from industrial supply in Pawtucket.

                                         This round bin set is for old shutoffs and wall flanges.
                 Finding what I need  when I need it is the key to getting ready for jobs fast.

Working in my shop puts me in touch with all

the plumbers that have come before me. When I

see and work with the old parts and tools,the quality of the parts and the feel of the tools brings  it in focus.

                     I made this fence from sink pedestals with old toilet seats on top another reuse.


                                           I keep some old glass around hate to see it go to the landfill.
                                             I drilled holes in sink pedistals  to run the chain through.