Walter K. Parker II

The Old School Plumber

                              Hi folks very busy on a lot of cool projects bringing
                                              in more inventory all the time

                          Master Plumber License # 12443
S                                      Peck Bothers toilet
 S                           36' Corner earthenware shower pan
    S.... Slate sink double drainboards better photos when I have a minute
S                               5' German Nickel Sink Made in Boston
    So     Earthenware drainboard!!  First I've seen
S                             this just in 1893 JL Mott Primo Square toilet with seat!

  S                   Five foot six" center drain bathtub note white ball feet
                                              Close shot of great sink!!

Meyer Sniffen faucets and brackets came with this sink from

Southbridge Pottery in England Turns out they made them for Meyer Sniffen!!

I found this one in New York and then I was working on a job in Manchester by The Sea Ma.On the 3rd floor was the same sink a smaller version with all Meyer Sniffin faucets and trap!!

                                   Part of in shop display some !
                             some of this still around always changing
Thomas Maddox and Sons 
                            Photo 1  early slate and wood sink
       S                                    photo 1  33 inch JL Mott sink 1908
                                          photo 2  33 inch JL Mott sink 1908
S                                                    6 foot
s                             This Just in  6 foot built in earthenware tub
                some of many toilets all individually selected by me for your job
                                     Hard to find shower ring for back wall valve.
S         Photo 1  Standard shower pan 36" same as in my own house
                     Photo 2  Standard shower pan 36" same as in my own house
                           Marble shower floor 36 inch I have the walls
                                       Just got in a limestone shower stall
               1908 JL Mott baby bathtub large size; great laundry / dog /soaking tub
                       great small wall hung pottery sink
                                                   great Mott Primo toilet
                                 Nice 5.5 ft tub on a separate floor marble!!
                        This photo from one of my installs
                                                             Amazing legs
                                              Mott sinks
            7 ft black walnut  counter with Mott sink shown with "Sanitas" trap
                                   "Standard" mixing chamber shower valve
sold     1900 Peck Brothers toddler toilet
         one of a pair found over
             Meyer Sniffen sink
Caught myself in a Meyer Sniffen medicine cabinet photo
           Bidet install found
             ANOTHER ONE!
M.S. sponge holder
                M.S. towel bars
           2 arm  M.S. towel bar
                     Foot bath
      Photo 2  early slate and
         wood sink  New York
  photo 3- 33 inch JL Mott
             sink  leg1908
     Great Rhode Island toilet
       can rough in 20 " to front
        of toilet!! space saver early !!
         Some truck stock
                   JL Mott tub fill
       I make 100 plus year old
        sillcocks  into frost free's
        Crane drinking fountain
Sold  33 inch JL Mott sink in!
            Mott rib cage shower
     note I have a quantity of red
                 marble around
 shower sold still have marble
    High tank toilet can put one together from my extensive toilet stock for you .

   Mott low down tank with new    
       copper liner ready to go
Some real wall mount kitchen faucets note the spouts coming out from bottom. Mott Crane,"Standard" Stebbins and others
                    Mott 28x 24
sold       Mott built in sink !
sold    Jenkins shower valve 1900
      Ribcage shower and pan
  Have a few 1948 N.O.S Faucets
                  Standard brand
Crane bubbler  with cup fill
   speakman mixometer
                   NOS Trap
             some valve plates
        cast iron 30' wall mount
               1870's vanity
       Just got another one with
             Peck Bros faucet!
    Add a shower for legtub walls
          another Mott sink with
              earthenware legs
                Great area drain 24 "
This sink was in a basement for maintinance guys to use, note the hangers for safe pan drains
      Sold rib cage shower and stall
        1901 glass wall shower
1850's lead shower valve goes     above copper coffin bathtub
  1870's  cast iron sink kitchen
thickest earthenware sink ever
           it's 8.5"  x 33 wide
           nice thick slab sink
         floor marble for toilet
     Earthenware dressing table