Walter K. Parker II

The Old School Plumber

Master Plumber Lic. #12443

   I have a working antique plumbing shop so visits should be booked ahead of time.

   Here are some before and after shots of a few of the many projects I have worked on.  My goal is always to get the little details right by using  gently used vintage or new old stock when lucky enough to find some.   I am able to make a complete bathroom for you,  from the rough installation to finish plumbing .  We also work to help your plumber rough in properly for all the vintage  plumbing.  All  the parts used  behind the walls are new for water pipes and drains.  The finish is done  using great vintage traps, shutoffs, hangers and faucets. 

To complete the look,  I can also provide all towel bars, soap dishes,  mirrors, etc.   The stock and the original catalogs are available to find the right look for you!  


Save yourself the trouble of finding all the fixtures and let the expert

find them for you!




                                              Meyer Sniffen sink repair
                      Earthenware bathtub install    w/ old valve  fill & shower
                                                  Early Lead Shower 1860
        The following photos are of a north shore estate
                               A great faucet made just for this sink!!!
                         End of photo's of north shore Job.
          This is Bruce and Anne's great old house.
           Bruce found an 1874  well pump and I took it to the shop over winter,
         and fixed all the problems with it and got it ready for a spring installation.
       When I got to his house Bruce told me their was an old part of the original
       pump in the well and could we get it out to preserve it? What you see in
        the slideshow  is what we found and what we did to install the
        new old well head.
                                     This is where I do the work.
                                                 JL Mott sink installed after remodel

              I  refinished exterior  of  two bay sink drilled holes. Mounted two 

                  republic 1925 faucets one kitchen one set tub matching pair.

        Wolf bathtub came with no faucet hardware. 


     The above tub hardware picked out, fitted to Wolf bathtub and installed by me.
                                      Two sinks in same kitchen from this look.
                                                  The  first sink on its way.

                           I'm  now done with all turn of the century  fittings,

                           pipe and hangers .

                                                                  From taking this off customers tub
                   New risers with gaskets made and installed on site by me.

                                The joys of real plumbing in restored Homes.

                                                The  look  at  the  start of this job.
                                                                    Halfway there. I found and installed the tile.

Now with a 1911 shower valve which fixed the

biggest problem with this bathroom.                                                   

Customer's original sink .The faucets,  install and

 under sink trim from me and my shop.

           This  faucet fixed by others sent to be repaired again by me note the string graphite bad choice.

                                    An 1840's Bathtub in cabinet just like an armoire'

          The new old stock drain board and  the old faucet from .
     In home services

          #1 Repair all old original plumbing faucets, drains, and toilets in your home.

          # 2 Find and install complete bathrooms with period shutoffs, traps, and hardware.

          #3 Send photos and I can find the missing pieces to complete your bathroom.

          #4 Check out  mystery leaks from old bathrooms.

          #5 Consult with your plumber about replacing  water piping to vintage bathrooms from below without ruining the original tile.

          #6 Consult about replacing  piping in walls and floors.

          #7 Remove your faucets and drains and get them replated and reinstall them after rebuilding.

          # 8  Replace broken porcelain parts. Including handles.

          # 9 Find the proper toilets to fit your bathroom.

          # 10 We keep all our accessories to complete your bathrooms.

     I am available to all of

    New England and beyond!!

    Consultations done in person,

    email or by phone.

    Fees charged according to

    needs.paypal accepted


    This  needed a swivel spout
I made it by cutting up a swivel spout and attaching it to an 1880's faucet!
       This is what happens after 96 years

 First I removed  the toilet and replaced the lead bend,  tricky part finding and replacing offset .

      Rebuilt from painted and     

      broken set.

      Some of the supply parts

      from  above tub.

     Another toilet destined

      to be removed.

                It's now repaired!!

       1919 roughed in  has a   

            second life.

                                                                        1909 Haines Jones        

     and Cadbury  trap one more

   in stock!!!   

   Just found a matching pair!!!          10/1/10

 Another real trap first floor. I did

  this plumbing through the

  floor didn't have to open

  walls for this Bathroom.

     I took out reproduction sink

and found and installed antique

 sink with my parts using original rough, made trap and shutoffs fit the situation.

The  original  Meyer Sniffin

sink & piping fixed, nickeled, and installed by me.

                      1st photo

 Fixture's found on house  property put back where they belong!!

                 2nd bath photo

 Meyer Sniffin renickeled tub valve

                      3rd photo


 I replated these early trim pieces.
Notice the trap offsets back the sink requires it, all JL Mott fittings
Rare naturo toilet! 1895 note the angle check health magazines telling you this is the way to "go"
This house had hot air now it has steam!!

I found this radiator and hung it

from ceiling with authentic hangers!

 I did this steam system

from installing the boiler to all

the piping  to 12 convectors

 and 18 radiators! 

  A one pipe steam and two pipe

  steam convectors first floor loop.

She was afraid to use these

and now they are  to back to work.

                1890's toilet

I installed this toilet in place

of new toilet.

This toilet tank has a chain pull.

It was from my shop.

      The  french tilt bowl sink!!


I replaced the under bowl

 with an old "Standard" sink.

  I rebuilt this Meyer Sniffin

  tub valve in northern Vermont.

The original bathroom I repaired faucet and the popup drain.

This house has 5 baths I repaired them all.

Customer found this at my shop

and had me install in his front


         Here it  is after install.

When I put it in I cut out the floor

 and put in a piece of rose

 marble to match the top of

 the radiator. 

                      Nice Lav sink!
Replaced the lead water lines with old nickel brass fittings and valve.
Toilet from my shop with lead  drop pipe.