Walter K. Parker II

The Old School Plumber

 Here I have assembled a collection of salesman samples,  signs,  photo's, 

convention  advertising and the items plumbers had when doing their work.

I use the tools from the men who came before me and remember many of their names when I am using their tools.  It is my way of honoring the men and the skill that guided their hands.

                               More photo's to come

                       If you have photos of an old plumbing business,

                       or an old photos of plumbers at work.

                       Please send me photo's of your old plumber!


           1895 to 2010 and still working, this hot water works by gas and coal

          They have no plans to stop using this!  I am starting to think it's reliable!

                             This is a real  5 1/2 ft tub I cut tomake my sign,

                                the valve is a speakman 1930 shower valve

                                                              just a showroom photo

            This is an origtnal 1916 Thomas Maddock& Sons store display set.

                The tub is two feet long to give you a sense of proportion!

       1896 smoke tester for cast iron soil stacks to check traps and toilet seals.

          Sold                                     1938 "Standard" poster
                                                                1926 my first poster
                                                     this sign followed me home
                                          plumbers have been proud for years
                          They are still in business call them for drain  cleaning!
             This is their Grandfathers drain Jetter you use a fire hose to feed it.
                                                      some of my rebuiding parts
                                                         It takes a lot to do it right.
                 Penbirthy Cellar drainer hook up to water main no electric needed!!

 An old store display  one of my birthday presents from my wife.

    English Salesman Sample

              1904 water heater

        Double leather belows

          The Milton label 1896

                 smoke tester

Eight inch salesman samples
                 1930 poster

Chase Brass made plumbing too,

I have Chase plumbing and lighting catalogs.

                 my office clock
               Toy bathroom
                      real poster
     I got it off the wall in Norwich.
    1952 Perry is the illustrator
          Old paper cup holder
    My fire protection system.
       New Old Stock lead trap
             Old chimney cover
               Bought this in Paris
               Faucet types

Found this in a Fallriver

plumbing shop.

                   Lead tools

   Point of  use fire extinguisher.

              Floatball art